WABI Ideas 2 Enterprise I2E Competition


In the WABI continuing effort to support and grow Washington County businesses, this inaugural program will be a platform for launching new businesses and growing existing businesses. The program will entail a four- session workshop designed to assist participants in developing a business model/plan for a new venture or for an existing venture; the submission of a completed plan to a grant committee; and the selection of one awardee in the new venture category and one awardee in the existing business category. (The “Program”). The program aims to provide subject matter consultative support and capital to Washington County entrepreneurs and build a culture of empowerment, education, connectivity and support. $5,000 in total grants will be awarded to awardees.


Applications will be accepted until October 19, 2018. Business will then be assigned to the new venture or existing
business track. Workshops for each track will be held on four consecutive Saturdays at the Observer-Reporter
facility beginning on October 27, 2018. Participants will attend the following four workshop sessions:

  • Market assessment and research
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy Development
  • Financial Modeling
  • Operations Planning

After completing each of these sessions, each participant must submit a final written business plan to the WABI selection committee by November 30, 2018. This independent committee shall select three finalists in each track. Each finalist will present his or her plan to the independent committee. One awardee in each category will be announced by December 21.


The grant selection committee will review and consider all submitted business plans. Two awards of up to $2,500 will be distributed to selected applicants in each track. The amount of each distribution to awardees is at the discretion of the independent selection committee. Awardees will also receive business counseling from dedicated subject matter experts who will be available to provide support in continuing to hone the submitted business plan.


Participants must submit the following in order to be considered for the program:

  • Category: New venture (Concept/Idea Phase) or Existing business (Currently doing business for more than six months);
  • Personal statement and/or entrepreneurial story; and
  • Intended Use of funds.

Washington Area Business Incubator

 Ideas to Enterprise (I2E)

As a mixed-use incubator, The Greater Washington Area Business Incubator (WABI) is open to all types of enterprises. Whether you’re high tech or no tech, product or service, all you need is an idea and desire to build your business. WABI is a private-public partnership between the Observer Publishing Company, Washington & Jefferson College, the City of Washington, and Washington County. This partnership is intended to foster new business formation and growth of small businesses and non-profits in the greater Washington area, and to support and strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities that help to revitalize and create sustainable future for the Washington area.

WABI Current Status: Development & Fundraising

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Benefits of being in the incubator:

Support services from experienced executives and professionals from finance to legal, small business plans, marketing to accounting.

Office space and shared services (e.g,, administrative, IT, etc.)

Intern and Student Support

Peer interaction and learning

Subject matter workshops and speakers


Work together with other entrepreneurs in a creative, results-driven environment to activate growth and economic vitality.


We strive to provide a support system for business owners so they can successfully grow and market their business.


Workshops and other content to connect you with key information and resources.

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